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SEAL OF SOLOMON Gets its name due to the placement of the crystals which form a six pointed star, which is made up of two interlocking triangles, these were used in magical texts attributed to King Solomon(hence the name). The interaction of the four elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire are represented by this symbol including uniting of Heaven and Earth.

This layout can also be for relaxation both mental and physical. Also can be used to relieve pain or stress and refresh the body's energy, it can be used for the whole body or for a particular area of the body that needs healing.

You will need six clear quartz crystals with points, terminators are good if you can get them. You can also use other pointed crystals if that is what you feel the need for. You will also need a crystal for the center of the layout if you are just going to work on a small area of the body.

Two crystals which work well for this layout are Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine, but you can use whatever crystals that you feel may work better. Remember Experiment, Experiment.

For the whole body layout I would normally use six clear quartz terminators(single or double), for the localized layout I would probably use either a Green healing crystal like Green Avenutrine or a Pink Crystal like Rose Quartz for its healing properties. But again you can use which ever crystals that you like, remember this is just a guide not a set in concrete rule.

I have provided you with the diagrams to show you the two ways to use this layout.

Layout for the Whole Body:

  • Place one healing crystal at the Crown Chakra
  • Place one healing crystal beside each shoulder
  • Place one healing crystal at each Knee
  • Place one healing crystal at between the feet
  • As per Diagram:

    Crystal Healing Solomons Seal Layout

    Crystal Healing Solomon's Seal Layout Graphic

    For specific areas of the body where you want intensive healing to relieve pain for instance stomach pain or hip you would place the smaller version of Solomon' Seal layout on that area,as per diagrams.

    You would the use the set up as shown in the photo below.

    Crystal Healing Solomons Seal
    Layout For Stomach Pain

    Crystal Healing Solomon's Seal Stomach Pain Graphic

    Crystal Healing Solomons Seal
    Layout For Hip Pain

    Crystal Healing Solomon's Seal Hip Pain Graphic

    Crystal Healing Solomons Seal Layout For Localised Area

    Crystal Healing Solomon's Seal Localised Layout Graphic

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