12 Master Healing Crystals

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

I was recently asked to provide a list of the 12 Master Crystals. I must say that I do not subscribe to the idea of Master Crystals. I have found that each healing crystal is unique and no more special than the rest. Now I am not saying that those who believe in the 12 Master Crystals are wrong, because what we believe is our truth and I for one admit to not knowing everything and I always try to keep an opened mind.

I have done quite a bit of research to answer this question and have found only more confusion, there are a lot of different theories about which crystals are Master Crystals, the majority seem to agree that they are quartz formations of varying sorts. From my research I have found that a lady by the name of Katrina Raphell is said to have discovered and named the 12 Master Crystals, the earliest record I can find of this is in a book she wrote published around the mid 1980’s although I am not sure if this is a first second or later print. Judy Hall also makes mention of 12 Master Healing Crystals in one of her books, I have not read either of these books but will get them soon so that I can be more reliably informed. I will provide you with Katrina’s list of the Master Crystals at the bottom of this article.

I would like to clarify my reason for not subscribing to the 12 Master Crystal theory. I have worked with crystals most of my life and have used a lot of different crystals in their many forms and shapes and can honestly say that I have never found one to be more important than another, each crystal is unique in what it can do and the healing properties that it possesses. I have a large number of crystals in my collection to say nothing of the loose crystals and jewellery and one-off crystals that I sell and each and everyone is special and unique and no more important than the other. I have hand picked all of the crystals that I sell even the tumbled ones each crystal picked for its properties and healing abilities. I have been asked on numerous occasions which of my collection is my favorite. I usually look at my crystals and each and everyone has something about it that I love, I cannot honestly say that I favour one above the other none is more important to me. If I was told that I could only take a certain number of crystals with me which would I choose? That is easy I would take the ones that my family and gave me purely because of sentimental value and I know that I would leave a piece of me behind with the rest of the crystals.

You see for me every Crystal is special, unique and precious and therefore none are Master Crystals and none are lesser Crystals as seems to be implied by signaling out some as Master Crystals.

I have put my opinion to you on this matter but you must make up your own mind on whether you believe in the Master Crystals or not and as I always tell you follow your instincts as always with crystals there is no wrong way.

Below you will find the list of Katrina Raphaell’s 12 Master Crystals. I have a number of these crystals in my collection.


  • Channelling Crystal
  • Transmitter Crystal
  • Window Crystal
  • Elestial Crystal
  • Laser Wand
  • Devic Temple Crystal
  • Dow Crystal
  • Tantric Twin Crystal
  • Isis Crystal
  • Timeline/Timelink Crystal
  • Earth Keeper Crystal
  • Cathedral Lightbraries or more commonly know as Cathedral Quartz