Hi my name is Colleen, and I am the author of this website and the Crystal Vibrations Crystal Healing, series of books.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Healer/Teacher. I have worked successfully in a number of areas over the years including, being a baker, owning and running our own caravan park, nail and beauty tech, owned my own computer consulting business,worked for a number of companies at accounting duties and office managment. I have also been a Shire Councillor and Shire President, which I found both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. As you can see from the number of areas that I had tried I was looking for my calling in life. Reiki and Crystal Healing and Teaching are where I was meant to be. But first I had to travel the road to get here.

Colleen Crystal Healer

I have had a love affair with crystals all my life. Even as a small child I would collect stones, which were different and appealed to me. I always seemed to find stones that were out of the ordinary. I often found myself giving them away to people as presents.

It was not until later that I discovered that the stones were crystals and that they had an effect on people. I decided to find out more about the crystals and their effects. At first it was not easy gathering this information; it became much easier later in life. I used my intuition at first, and found that I attracted people to me who used crystals in healing, both physical and metaphysical. These people shared their knowledge with me, and I shared what I had learnt with them.

I devoured anything I could get my hands on regarding crystals and their healing powers. I would haunt the bookshops in any town that I visited. I have fond memories of hours spent in dusty second-hand book shops, just browsing, looking for treasures.

When someone in the family, or a friend, became ill, I would look for a crystal, that could assist in their healing. Even if I could not find the crystal, or the crystal was not accepted by the person concerned, I would make a note of it either mentally or on paper. After a while I noticed that when I needed those little pieces of paper, I could not put my hands on them straight away or remember the particular crystal that was needed for the particular problem. And being the owner of a memory that needed jogging at times, it was not a very efficient way to keep records. It would then be back to the old crystal books looking up individual crystals.

Realising that I needed a reference guide, I began searching high and low for a book that had an extensive list of ailments and their related crystal, but they all seemed to have the crystal first and mention the ailment somewhere else in the text. It is very time consuming, not to mention frustrating, going through every crystal to find the one related to the ailment that you wish to treat. I decided to catalogue the information that I had. It started out very modestly, but grew into a monster (but a lovable one). Other crystal healers I talked to had encountered the same problems as myself in this area, and were just as frustrated. So the monster grew, and the catalogue blossomed into the book. If something is worth doing it is worth doing well, as the saying goes. I hope the book will be of benefit to all who use crystals for healing, not only the professionals but the occasional crystal healers as well.

May your journey be full of love and happiness.
Colleen The Crystal Dragon