Alleviating Stress & Trauma Crystal Healing Layout

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Accidents, loss of a loved one and shock can all cause us to be traumatized, feel insecure and lost. This healing crystal layout will help ease tension and allow us to deal with the situations.

You will need:

1 Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

1 Tiger Eye Healing Crystal

8 Clear Quartz Healing Crystal

Place the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal at the Heart Chakra

Place 4 of the Clear Quartz Crystals around the Rose Quartz one at each corner (as per diagram)

Place the Tiger Eye Healing Crystal at the Sacral Chakra

Place 4 of the Clear Quartz Healing Crystals around the Tiger Eye one at each corner (as per diagram)

Get the person who is receiving the Chakra Healing Layout to lay on a mat on the floor. There is no need for them to get undress, although if they have a coat or jacket they may like to remove it for comfort. Also if they are wearing a belt, again they may like to loosen it as well. Ensure that they are comfortable.

Gently place the Crystals on the client as shown in the diagram.

I like to leave the stones on the client for at least 10 minutes but no longer the 20 minutes.

Remove the crystals and offer your client a glass of water.

Crystal Healing Stress and Trauma Layout Image