Angelite Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Blue with White Viens, will occassionally have Red Viens

Area: Britian, Egypt, Germany, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Poland

Appearance: Oapque usually with viens giving a wing like appearance

Structure type: Triclinic Chalk like crystal


Astrological Signs: Aquarius

Angelite is the crystal of awareness. It powers help us to connect to the Angelic Realm making it easier to communicate with our guides, spirit totems and guardian angels, and to recieve assistance from them. Angelite’s healing properties also help to balance the physical and emotional bodies. It’s gentle energy provides us with feelings of serenity. Angelite is also helpful to use in the re-birthing process. This crystal brings peace and brotherhood, enhances inner peace, aids with communication in group settings and also in relationships.

Angelite healing crystals also enhance telepathy aids in astral/out of body travels, it has been used by shamans and healers as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria. It is wonderful crystal for healers to use as it enhances both perception and attunement. You are able to speak your truth by using this crystal. Angelite also opens up you abilities for psychic channelling allows for self expression and helps us to accept what we cannot change.

The healing properties of this crystal also help to dispel anger, fear aids in the both physical and enviromental protection especially when used as an elixir(see below), will help with insect infestations. Anglelite unblocks the meridians, brings calmeness, forgiveness and tranquility. It is associated with the Throat Chakra and aids all types of communication.

Use this crystal when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. You will also find this crystals properties valuable in the areas of mathmatics and astrology. You can also place this healing crystal in a childs bedroom but make sure to keep it out of the childs reach.

Ailments that Angelite’s Crystal Healing properties will assist with are; Repair blood vessels, blood deficiencies, Circulatory system, arms, it is also a diuretic assists with infectious diseases can be used to treat disorders of the thyroid, parathyroid and thymus, aids recovery after someone has lost the sensory perception. relives headaches and cools the heat of sunburn and relieves the pain also can be used for lung conditions and in weight control.

Do not take this elixir internally. This crystal will dissolve in water so when making an elixir use the method that I describe here: click here