Anhydrite Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

 Colour: Clear, blue/grey, blue, purple, white

Area: Canada,Chile, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland.

Appearance: tabular, long blades with prismatic crystals covering the blades, grainy masses

Structure type: Orthorhombic

Hardness: 3.5

Astrological Signs:Cancer, Pisce’s, Scorpio

Anhydrite when exposed to water, easily transforms to the more commonly occuring gypsum. I believe that due to this quality of Anhydrite it would help one in the transformation stages of life, with change of any sort.

Anhydrite healing crystals help us to rea lise that this body is only temporary and helps us move on. Anhydrite assists with past life healing, also in expressing ourselves. Understand and accept change easily and happily.

Anhydrite is a great healing crystal for letting go of the past. It has a most beautiful and gentle energy. Anhydrite healing crystal can assist in the healing of throat problems, swelling, and water retention.