Apache Tear Obsidian Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Black (Type of Black Obsidian)

Area: Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico, Sri-Lanka, U.S.A. Most parts of the World..

Appearance: Usually round with indentations is clear when held up to a light source

Structure type: Volcanic Glass Amorphous

Hardness: 5-6

Astrological Signs: Aries

APACHE TEAR OBSIDIAN: Like Black Obsidian helps us face things but in a gentler way not so much in you face as slow and easy. Apache Tear helps us to understand situations in a realistic manner. Use on the Earth and Base Chakras to cleanse and ground.

Legend has it that Apache Tear is formed from the tears of the Apache women over the death of their men. This makes it a great healing crystal to use for grief, anguish especially the pain of losing someone close to us. I also helps with the emotional and physical problems associated with grief. Aids in easing distress and removes self-limitations and ideas.

Apache Tear is a wonderful crystal for protecting the Aura helps us forgive others and ourselves. It is a gentle crystal to use when raising negativity to the surface and helps us deal with this negativity gently and easily. It helps us to be spontaneous , let go of old grievances helps us to improve our analytical capabilities allowing us to see things more clearly and logically.

Apache Tear healing crystals are also beneficial to help us confront our guilt feelings we would prefer remain hidden. This crystal also absorbs negativity.

Apache Tear is an excellent crystal to use for meditation and spiritual journeying, while meditation it may assist you in seeing the bigger picture. It also protects you against accidents and ill-will brings good fortune and helps you find your inner truth.

Ailments that Apache Tear can be useful for treating are allergic reactions, burns, assimilation of the vitamins C and D, burns also snake bite, stings and the removal of toxins from the system.