Aventurine Healing Crystals Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red

Area: Brazil, China, India, Italy, Nepal, Russia, South Africa, Tibet

Appearance: Opaque and semi-transparent can sometimes be spotty and shiny

Structure type: Trigonal is a rock not a mineral


Astrological Signs: Aries

Aventurine is said to be the Crystal of Prosperity. It has a gentle and stabilizing effect on the heart; this healing crystal absorbs electromagnetic smog as is probably one of the best crystals to use for mobile/cell phone emissions. Aventurine is also a calming and balancing crystal, very good to use in grids especially around houses balances the male/female energies and stabilizes the mind; it helps bring out our leadership qualities and motivation as well as helping us with self-confidence. It helps us to be decisive and gives us the ability to relate to others. If you are recovering from mental issues then Aventurine is the crystal that is for you. It also enhances your compassion and empathy for others, provides you with independence and perception. And helps you cope with negative situations, boosts your creativity and wellbeing. Helps lessen anger and irritation. Activates and cleanses the Heart Chakra and provides us with emotional grounding. Aventurine has been used in Medicine Wheels for centuries.

Ailments that can benefit for this crystals healingproperties are Arteriosclerosis, Heart Attacks, the Adrenals, Lungs, Thymus, Sinuses, Nervous System and Skin Allergies it also helps to lower cholesterol and stimulate the metabolism.