Calcite Crystals Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour:Blue, Brown, Green Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Transparent, Yellow, White

Area: Belgium, Brazil, Britian, Iceland, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, United States, just about worldwide

Appearance:Translucent with greasy feel

Structure type: Trigonal, Rhombus, Stalatite


Astrological Signs: Cancer

Calcite healing crystals help bring about changes in thought patterns, allow us to see the truth, speed up our >spiritual development. Calcite assists with the acceptance of unconditional love; it is mental healerand balancer.

It cleans out negative energy, aides with development and growth, Calcite is a stabilizing crystal, brings serenity, aids in psychic abilities, channeling and out of body experiences. Calcite is good to use for people who have lost hope or a lazy it helps energize the person, calms the mind assists with analytical abilities. Stimulates insight and boosts the memory allowing us to remember knowledge gained when astral traveling.

Calcite is a great crystal to keep with you when studying for exams or when you need to retain information. Calcite healing crystals have been used to aid the treatment of Calcium being absorbed into the bones, blood clotting, kidneys, pancreas, aids immune system, ulcers, warts and spleen.


Green Calcite


Brown Calcite


Manango Calcite