Cavansite Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Blue-Green to Bright Blue

Area: India USA

Appearance: Lustrous to pearly transparent to translucent spherical clusters

Structure type: Orthorhombic


Astrological Signs: Aquarius

Cavansite healing crystals enhance intuition and channelling abilities. Cavansite brings to your notice areas of your life that need attention; it provides you with new ideas and helps you remedy unwanted thoughts and behaviour.

This healing crystal also helps you to relax and reflect it provides protection during psychic sessions and enhances your second sight. Cavansite also brings out our thoughtfulness and psychic healing powers this healing crystal is also very useful in gridding exercises. Cavansite is associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras and can assist in correcting any imbalances in these areas.

Cavansite can be used for ailments such as disorders of the Eyes, healing at the Cellular level, Immune System, problems with Teeth and Blood, Sore Throats