Chiastolite Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Brown, Brown/grey, Green, Grey, Orange, Red/Brown, Red, White

Area: Algeria, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, China, France, Russia, Spain, U.S.A.

Appearance: sliced polished with dark cross

Structure type: Orthorhombic

Hardness: 6.5-7.5

Astrological Signs:Libra

Chiastolite Healing Crystal is sometimes called the Cross Stone, due to the cross formation that appears when the crystal is sliced. There is a legend that the Christ Consciousness is represented through this crystal, bringing with it love, forgiveness and compassion. Chiastolite healing crystal enhances ones spiritual awareness and harmony.

Chiastolite also helps in the process of crossing-over, it associated with death and rebirth. It is said to be a powerful protector and in yesteryear was used to protect one from curses and ill- wishes. This healing crystal can bring balance to perception and promote problem solving and bring insight as well as enhancing our creativity and practicality. Chiastolite healing crystals are very useful in astral travel and spiritual harmony. It is a very useful crystal to have in times of change.

Chiastolite dispels negativity, illusions and calms ones fears. It enhances analytical abilities, it is an emotional stabiliser and helps dispels guilty feelings. This healing crystal is believed to have mystical abilities allowing us to see all sides of a situation.

Chiastolite healing crystal can aid in the healing of fevers, blood flow, milk production in nursing mothers, chromosome repair, it is a nerve fortifier and can aid rheumatism, gout and blood pressure.