Chrysocolla Healing Crystal Informations

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Blue-Green specked with Black and Brown

Area: Brritan, Chile, Peru, Russia, U.S.A. Zaire.

Appearance: Opaque Masses

Structure type: Monoclinic Aggregate

Hardness: 2-3.5

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo

Chrysocolla has a strong femal energy and seems to be very attractive to women. It is a tranquil crystal. It helps ease feelings of guilt It promotes harmony aiding in releasing negative emotions such as animosity, indigination and remorse. Chryosocolla is a good healing crystal for the relief of emotional pain, it helps our ability to love and understand others. Chrysocolla is used to not only purify your home but the environment as well. Used around the home it dispels all types of negativity.

This wonderful healing crystal helps us cope with constantly changing situations allowing us to accept the changes taking place. Chrysocolla helps ease emotional heartache and increases our capcity to love. It is a great crystal to help stabilize relationships and help rebuild these relationships.

Chrysocolla cleans and energizes all the Chakras, it draws off negative emotions and turns around destructive emotional programming. These crystals help us to know when saying nothing is the right thing to do. They help us stay grounded and aid in communication with planet Earth so that we can be of assistance in the healing of the Earth.

Chrysocolla provides us with great inner strength, self-awareness and inner balance, this crystal also gives us confidence, sensitivity and enhances our personal power. The healing powers of this crystal help us overcome phobias, bring motivation when it is lacking and also boost our creativity and improves our physical vitality.

Healing of Physical Ailments:

Chrysocolla Crystals help with pregnance, birth, the overies, menopause and PMS. They aid the liver, kidneys, spleen and blood sugar levels . Arthritis, bone disease and ulcers also benefit from the healing qualities of these crystals. Chrysocolla has been know to increase lung capacitiy, regulate insulin assist with muscle cramps lower blood pressure it is also good for infections particularly of the throat. Strengthens thyroid and aids in the healing of asthma, emphysema, leukemia and turberculosis..