Combined Crystal and Reiki Treatment

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

When doing a Reiki healing you can place the crystals on the chakra’s(see crystal layouts), and perform a normal Reiki healing, the crystals will enhance the healing and can also help you by indicating an area that needs extra work. I know that some people will say that Reiki can do this on its own and it can, I know that when I use the crystals that the healing is enhanced many times.

Choosing the right crystal to use during a healing can be done using the methods to choosing a crystal. Usually I know what crystal will be needed before my client arrives, this information comes to me through my guides and the clients guides. All you may need to do with the crystal is have it in the room you use for Reiki healing, you may feel the need to place it on the client at sometime through the session. You may find yourself drawn to use a crystal not normally used on a particular chakra, for instance a Hematite crystal on the third eye, or a garnet on the throat chakra, if this happens then go with the flow as you are being guided by a higher power. You can use a crystal pendulum to balance the chakra’s before, during or after a Reiki treatment. You may also feel drawn to giving the client the crystal that you used during the session, if so do this if you can bear to part with the crystal. If not then perhaps you could suggest to the client that they may need to get one of the crystals for themselves. I will be adding more information to this page as time goes on, but for now if you have any questions regarding the use of Crystals and Reiki, please feel free to email me or use our message board. I will reply to all questions as quickly and accurately as I can. I hope that the above information is of help