Copal Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Brown, Orange, White, Yellow

Area: Worldwide.

Appearance: Cloudy/Murky when unpolished, transparent when polished.

Structure type: Amorphous resin can include other substances.

Hardness: 1-2

Astrological Signs: Gemini

Copal is aged between one- ten thousand years, often mistaken for Amber which is much harder, older and more expensive. Copal will often contain a lot more inclusions than Amber.

Copal activates the Crown Chakra, strengthens the meridians. Copal was often used in Sweat Lodge ceremonies. When it activates the Crown Chakra and altered states of consciousness happen it helps us to keep an awareness about us helping to anchor us so to speak. This healing crystal helps us with self-awareness, protection and opens us up to our own individuality. It also strengthens our control over our own minds.

Copal also stimulates psychic abilities in all areas, removes energy blockages while amplifying your energy field. This crystal has been used for exorcism, spell work and to help us with our relationships with those around us. Copal has been used for centuries in incense to help with purification and consecration. It also brings love and spirituality into our lives.

Copal can assist with the healing of heart and has been used to stimulate cell renewal and you can learn more from my Crystal Vibrations crystal healing books.


Copal Healing Crystal Graphic