Crocoite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Orange, Red, Yellow

Area: China,

Appearance: Prismatic Crystals, Tubular Crystals

Structure type: Monoclinic, Fine groved prisms

Hardness:2.5 – 3

Astrological Signs: Aries

Crocoite healing crystals are associated with the navel chakra. It can also help in the alignment of the throat and crown chakras. They are used to stimulate and enhance your intuition and creativity.

Crocoite is said to be a Crystal of Transition assisting one to move from one life to the next, it assists us with changing situations allowing us to accept change more easily. Crocoite is a great healer of physical, emotional and mental distress; it helps to bring calm in these times.

It allows one to see inner beauty, aids in giving one charisma, provides vitality and strength. It allows us to feel and look better. Crocoite enhances ones spirituality. Promotes insight, allows us to overcome obstacles. Crocoite can be used in channeling meditation.

Crocoite is used for the crystal healing of the reproductive system, mending of broken bones, cleansing of the liver and to assist in the absorbing of vitamins A, E and B into the body.



Crocoite Healing Crystal Graphic