Crystal Healing Colours

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Various colours may be seen during a healing session or meditation. Colours play a very important part in our lives; they reflect many different aspects of ourselves and others around us. Colours affect our moods and they describe who we are. We use Healing Crystals on the Chakras that are associated with the Colour of the Chakra. We also use Crystals for Healing the emotions and again we can use the colour of the crystal to help healing in this area as well. Crystal Healing and Colours go hand in hand we are often drawn to a particular crystal by its colour sometimes more so than for its healing properties.

This is a guide only it is not the only explaination of the colours we see (do not worry if you don’t see a colour during a crystal healing or mediation it does not always happen, only when it is being used to convey some message to the healer or reciepient. As an explaination everytime I see the colour Dark Blue I always think of my mother. It is because she almost always wore Dark Blue as anyone who has read Crystal Dragon Rumblings will know I had an issue with this color but not because of the color itself. I have now resolved those issues and Dark Blue now only brings me happy memories of my Mother and our times together. So please do not take these explianations as a strict rule of thumb, but use them as a guide, whether you are doing a Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Mediation or any other type of Healing work.


  • RED: Stimulates the physical body to respond with direct action. Strength, courage, steadfastness, health, vigour and sexuality are all attributes closely associated with the colour red. Red is power. It is the physical energy. It supplies the energy and motivation necessary to reach and accomplish goals. Red is a doing colour. Red if it is clear and bright, conveys vitality and energy. If it is dark or muddy it can mean that the energies are depleting or that the person may have issues of anger and frustration to work through.


  • ORANGE: Is a warm stimulating colour, but it is lighter and higher in vibration than red. Orange is a happy social colour. It stimulates optimism, expansiveness, emotional balance, confidence, change, striving, self-motivation, changeability, enthusiasm and a sense of community. It is flamboyant and warm hearted. It is also tolerant and sociable. Indicates strength and balance.


  • YELLOW : Yellow stimulates the intellect as well as communication. It is the last of the warm, extroverted colour rays. It is associated with organization, attention to detail, achievement, discipline, praise, sincerity and harmony. Yellow gives heightened expression and freedom. It is good for concentration and clarity of thought. Bright clear yellows indicate joy as well as clarity of mind. Yellow gives us hope, and a feeling of new beginnings.


  • GOLD: A colour of spiritual clarity, a sense of higher purpose. A colour for confidence. Often seen in paintings of Saints and holy men.


  • GREEN: Green is the balance between the warm extroverted spectrum of red, orange and yellow and the cool introverted colours of blue, indigo and violet. Thus green stimulates feelings of balance, harmony, peace hope, growth and healing. It is found everywhere in nature, symbolising the abundant, replenishing forces of the universe. Green reminds us that there will always be enough.


  • LIGHT GREEN: Like new buds in spring, this is a colour of change, of awakening, of rebirth. It is also very refreshing to the body and spirit. Light green is also the colour of learning.


  • DARK GREEN: This colour anticipates changes yet to come. Here is a potential growth and clarity. Generally, green is a healing colour and it brings balance. Dark Green is also the colour of knowledge.


  • BLUE: Blue stimulates you to seek inner truth. It helps you to attain inner peace and to live out your ideals. Blue stimulates inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion. Gentleness, contentment, patience and composure are also aspects of blue.


  • LIGHT BLUE: A bright colour clarity of emotions, peace and healing. It is a colour of true, spiritual compassion, which allows us to do the things that must be done. In the most positive way available to us.


  • DARK BLUE: This is a colour of repressed emotions – feelings that we barely admit to ourselves. Sometimes we may need to feel vulnerable, but for whatever reasons, we lock our true feeling away. It may indicate some healing hurt, just like a bruise on the physical level.


  • PURPLE: As with blue purple affects are calming, soothing and comforting. Quite often purple is associated with psychic awareness and intuition. Purple stimulates our spiritual perspective and intuition. Purple is also considered a colour of royalty; it brings with it a sense of responsibility and purpose. Purple cleanses our deepest soul and sets us onto the paths we have chosen long ago. Deep love is also an aspect of purple


  • VIOLET: This colour is for transformation; it is very much a colour for changing our patterns and worn habits. It helps us achieve our highest purpose.


  • MAUVE: This is the colour of intuition.


  • WHITE:White encompasses all colours. White vibrations are the fastest wavelength of the colour spectrum. It effects on our being are divine realization, humility and creative imagination. It can also be purifying. It is the energy and the power to transform the focus of the imagination. White leads us toward higher attunement and divine love. White is purity, perfection and innocence.


  • PINK: We all know pink to be the colour of the heart and of love and happiness.


  • BROWN: Brown is an earthy, down to earth colour. It can indicate physical unease and a need for change. It is also associated with the flora and fauna.


  • GREY: Grey indicates doubt and confusion.


  • BLACK:
    Black is the mystery, the unknown. It is inward and constricting Black is silent and still, it focuses attention into the inner world, whether to pursue the >spiritual realm or to process feelings of grief. Black will indicate a blockage in either the chakra or the meridians.