Crystal Healing Elixirs

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Crystal healing elixirs can be used in a number of ways, they can be rubbed into the skin, used to soak wound dressings and the can also be used as a drink. They are very easy to make and have a lot of useful applications.

I always make my elixir one way as I feel that it is the safest way to do so.

I take a glass container of spring water and seal it (a bottle is what I would normally use.) I then take the crystal that I have chosen to make the elixir with and program it for the particular use. I then place the crystal on the outside of the glass container and leave it for around 12 hours.(this can be less if needed in a hurry just tell the crystal time is important)

Be sure not to place the container of water in direct sunlight, as this can cause bacteria to form.

If you are going to make a gem elixir ALWAYS read about the crystal first to see if there are any contraindications. Some crystals e.g. Lead and Sulphur Crystals should not be prepared by the method that you normally see in most crystal books, due to their toxicity, and others should not be placed in water as they are soft and will dissolve.IF IN DOUBT, DON’T