Crystal Healing for Apathy

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

There are crystals that can help deal with and aid in the healing of Apathy but first let’s look what Apathy is:

The word Apathy comes from the Greek language and literally means “without feelings” it can be described in a number of ways.


  • Absence of Emotion
  • <Complacency
  • Dispassionate
  • Impassive
  • Indifference
  • Lack of Enthusiasm
  • Lack of Feelings
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Not Caring
  • Not Wanting to Know
  • Self-Indulgent
  • Too Lazy
  • Too Busy

People with Apathy usually have no desire to do anything about certain situations that are affecting them, they often have a “Who gives a ….” attitude. They are unresponsive in the areas of emotional, physical and social life.

There are different levels of Apathy a moderate or low level could be considered to be depression whereas extreme levels have been diagnosed as Associative Disorders and have been know to lead to things like physical deterioration lethargy.

How does Apathy differ from Ignorance?

Apathy: I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

Ignorance: I Don’t Know

Apathy can be directed to a particular person an activity or even to an environmental issue. Apathy can be caused by frustration, a loss of control and a sense of powerlessness and stress.

Every day things that can bring about Apathy:

Desensitizing by the media, always showing war torn areas, poverty, sickness, disease, crime, climate change warnings. We begin to feel that this is normal and become apathetic about other peoples plight.

Students who worry about being bullied and rejected by fellow students, not living up to expectations of parents and teachers, will often feel they cannot do it right so will just give up and become apathetic about their studies and results. “I’m not good enough so why try”.

Everyday problems such as relationships with partners, children and family, work pressures, school fees, power bills, mortgages, food can sometimes wear people down to the stage where they say “I’m never going to get ahead nothing works out right” and again apathy sets in.

There are crystals that can help with Apathy helping us see that things are not hopeless and that we can find a way out of our problems.

APATITE: This healing Crystal has inspirational properties increases motivation, draws off negativity aids communication and self expression brings with it the ability to cope with society.

BROOKITE: The healing properties of this Crystal help us to cope with situations that we find intolerable helps us to retain our energy dispels lethargy

RED CALCITE: The healing properties of this Crystals increases energy, removes negativity proves hope for those that have lost all hope and alleviates emotional stress.

CARNELIAN: It is a Stabilizing and healing crystal overcoming negativity, aids in dispelling lethargy You can also use the Crystals that are associated with depression to help those with Apathy, I especially like Lapis Lazuli and Sunstone and also Rose Quartz for bringing love into our lives and hearts. There are a number of other healing crystals for depression that you can find in Crystal Vibrations Emotions if none of these resonate with you or the person for whom they are required.

Love and Light
Colleen The Crystal Dragon.

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