Crystal Healing for Arthritis

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

There are a number of crystals that can be used to ease the pain and inflammation. The one that I personally prefer is Magnetic Hematite.

All you need do is take one or two of the Magnetic Hematite and gently rub them over the area, you will find that the pain will ease and the inflammation will start to disappear.

You can keep the with you and use them whenever you need to. I find that I have not had to use mine very often at all now. Maybe once a year at worst.

Please remember that not all crystals work the same way for everybody, but I have had success using Magnetic Hematite on a number of people, and there have been a couple that have not had much of a result at all, as well.

There are a couple of cautions that you need to know when using Magnetic Hematite, Do not use it near anyone who has a pacemaker, keep it away from credit cards and anything with a magnetic strip that contains information as they magnetic field is very strong and may cause a problem. It has also been said that pregnant women should take care when using Magnetic Hematite.

Other than this please give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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