Crystal Healing Pendulums

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Crystal Pendulums come in a variety of crystals, shapes and sizes. They usually have a point, which can be either sharp or blunt. Pendulums can hang from chains, which can be made of any type of metal, wool, cotton, leather. Even elastic has been used to hang pendulums from, it does not matter what you used as long as it moves freely.
Crystal Healing Pendulums can be used for clearing, detecting blockages, balancing the chakra. They are also been used Scrying to locate something that is lost or to decide between solutions (i.e. finding a name for something).

They can be worn as necklaces, you can use them in this way for protection, healing, helping you attain a goal and for any other reason that you require.

Using a crystal pendulum to detect and clear blockages