Crystal Healing Wands

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Crystal wands are not normally formed naturally. Single point terminators will sometimes be rounded on the base, but usually they are cut from larger crystal blocks. Rounding the base allows it to be used as a massage tool directly on the skin. You can use crystal wands to ease tension anywhere in the body. They work well on the head, feet and hands.

Another use for a crystal healing wands is scanning the aura to detect blockages The crystal wand can be used to remove the blockage in a number of ways.

As Quartz Crystal is both Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric, you can change the polarity of the crystal when it is subjected to either pressure or heat. The tip will turn from being normally positive and receiving to negative and so emitting energy from the tip. I have found this is very useful when working on a particular area, you can concentrate the energy in a tight beam and so maximise the healing area.

I have used healing wands in a number of ways and in a variety of crystal types. Again be guided by your intuition and not by what others say is right or wrong.

To scan the aura follow the method below (again you can vary the method if you feel the need).

      1. Take the wand in your dominant hand, holding the point towards the client.
      2. Pick a starting point and begin moving the crystal wand slowly around the body, making note of any areas that feel different.
      3. Sometimes you may feel that the healing wand it hard to move, sometimes it will vibrate slightly. These feelings usually indicate blockages.
      4. After you have finished scanning the aura, go back and work on the blocked areas, using either the crystal wand or any healing crystals that you feel necessary.

Again let your intuition guide you, there is no right or wrong way to do this.

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