Feeling out of Sorts Crystal Healing Layout

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

This Crystal Healing layout is for those times when you are not feeling quite right and you cannot put your finger on the reason. It is also good for when you need a lift or are feeling disorientated.

The Following healing crystals will help alleviate these feelings. There are others but these are probably the most used.

You will need
Turquoise healing crystal
Lapis Lazuli healing crystal
Clear Quartz Crystal
Smokey Quartz Crystal

Place the clear quartz crystal on the Crown Chakra Place the Lapis Lazuli on the Third Eye Chakra Place the Turquoise on the Solar Plexus Chakra and place the Smokey Quartz below the Base Chakra between the thighs as shown on the diagram.

Remember you can always use other healing crystals if you feel the need.

Get the person who is receiving the Chakra Healing Layout to lay on a mat on the floor. There is no need for them to get undress, although if they have a coat or jacket they may like to remove it for comfort. Also if they are wearing a belt, again they may like to loosen it as well. Ensure that they are comfortable.

Gently place the Crystals on the client as shown in the diagram.

I like to leave the stones on the client for at least 10 minutes but no longer the 20 minutes.

Remove the crystals and offer your client a glass of water.