Fluorite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Comes in a variety of colours Blue, Colourless, Green, Lavender, Purple, Rainbow, Yellow, Watermelon, White,

Area: Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, USA

Appearance:Transparent to Translucent vitreous

Structure type:Isometric Cube Octahedron


Astrological Signs: Capricorn Pisces

Fluorite is a powerful healing crystal, it heightens your intuition and provides protection, It is a wonderful crystal to use for group or teamwork and especially helpful in areas of personal relationships. Fluorite assist in calming disruptive behaviour, brings order to chaos provides harmony balances the positive and negative areas of your mind. Fluorite also increases your concentration and analytical abilities. Fluorite is known as the “Crystal of Discernment” it cleanses the aura helps us to be objective and also to see the truth in things. This healing crystal can help people that are disorganized, can strengthen our memories. Fluorite also helps you to see through all the garbage to the real situation. It will help to unblock energy treat anger and depression dispel illusions provides us with impartiality calms those that get over excited. Fluorite healing crystals also help us to obtain the state of physical perfection; it also helps to attract wealth and abundance.

Fluorite is a great crystal to use for protection against Geopathic Computer and Electromagnetic stress. It will help to expand your mental abilities and hasten spiritual awakening aids with narrow mindedness co-ordination it is an emotional stabilizer and balancer. It is a wonderful healing crystal to provide to students as it is a great tool to enhance learning.

Fluorite healing abilities can be used for aiding Anxiety, Asthma, Cancer, Cold, Detoxification, Digestive system, and Herpes, Insomnia, Skeletal and Muscular systems, Staph, Strengthening Bones and Teeth and also for Tumors and Ulcers.


Fluorite Healing Crystal Graphic