Galena Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Grey, lead like Silvery

Area: Britain Mexico Peru Russia, U.S.A.

Appearance: Metallic Shiny to Dull square shaped

Structure type: Cubic Isometric Masses and granular


Astrological Signs: Capricorn

Galena is the crystal of harmony, balances both the male and female aspects. Galena is the ultimate grounding crystal you can carry it in a medicine bag or your pocket to help keep you grounded all day. It is used for centering yourself. It is a wonderful crystal to use with holistic healing in all modalities. This crystal can be used to open ones mind to new concepts. Removes the emotional blocks slowing up your spiritual growth. It helps you leave the past behind and face the future.

Galena absorbs negative energy, relieves melancholy and assisting in the decrease of self limiting ideas. Brings stability where there is contention and helps to calm t he disposition brings calmness, and is most useful for those suffering from emotional trauma and over stressed emotions by balancing the emotions and Etheric body. Stimulates interaction on all levels of your being. Galena healing crystals are useful for those studying mainstream medicine and holistic medical studies.

Ailments that can be assisted by using this healing crystal it can be used as an infection fighter to reduce inflammation and help to strengthen the lungs helps heal skin eruptions and assists with hair growth. Galena has been used to stimulate circulation and blood flow. Aids in conditions of the nervous system helps overcome alcohol dependency also used to aid detoxification and to eases stiff joints and aid immobility.

Galena is a primary source of lead, and not recommended for internal use such as making gem elixirs. The elixir can be used on the skin for a number of conditions. Do not take this elixir internally. When making an elixir use the method that I describe here: click here


Galena Healing Crystal Graphic