Headache Relief Alternative Crystal Healing Layout

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Amethyst is a great crystal for headaches. It relieves the pain quickly by freeing up blockages and allowing the energy to flow.

You will need Five Amethyst Crystals although you may use others if you feel that you need too. If you feel uncomfortable with using Amethyst just look up Headaches or Migrainesand select a crystal that resonates with you better. Remember there is not wrong way.


  • Place the first crystal on or above the Crown Chakra
    (If you are doing this on yourself then Above is probably easier)
  • Place the next crystal over the Third Eye Chakra
  • Place each of the remaining two crystals on either side of the Throat    Chakra


THIS IS THE ALTERNATIVE AREA: I like to use with this layout if nausea occurs with the headache, I like to place a Dioptase crystal on the Solar Plexus Chakra, this will help settle the stomach (again you can use a different crystal if you prefer).

Some of the crystals that you can use if your headache progresses to a migraine are Aventurine, Hematite and Sodalite there are a number of others listed under Headaches and Migraines that may help you choose.

And yes! Before you say but Amethyst is not listed under migraine, it is listed for most types of headaches and I always find that you need to add some stronger crystals with Migraines but I always use Amethyst with my migraines at least one, again this is personal choice and I have found that Amethyst alone is not strong enough for my migraines at least.


Alternative Crystal Healing Headache Relief Layout

Alternative Crystal Healing Headache Layout Graphic