Healing Crystals for Colds

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

With Winter fast approaching in some areas of the world I thought it might be a good idea to give you some healing crystals that will assist you in dealing with the dreaded common cold. It seems that no matter what we do, even having a preventative injection can not stop us getting some form of cold during winter, even if it is a mild dose.

I have listed a few crystals for you to use to help you get through with a less distress and uncomfortableness(is this a word), below you will find a list of crystals who’s healing properties will be of assistance.

  • Dry-Head Agate: Fortifies the body and immune system
  • Bunsenite: Comforting and cossetting
  • Cuproadamite: Supportive and calming
  • Jet: Protection against illness
  • Hanksite: especially good for head colds
  • Northupite: Fights bacterial infections
  • Sodalite: Aids sleep and cools temperatures

    Keep the healing crystal with you at all times, until the cold has disappeared. Then ones for helping you sleep should be kept beside the bed or under your pillow.

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