Healing Crystals for Hayfever

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Summer is almost upon us and Spring has already sprung as the saying goes. A lot of us will be suffering from the dreaded Hayfever, we will sniff and sneeze and feel generally lousy. I have been there, so I thought I would give you a few healing crystals that helped me overcome this wonderful(yeh right)condition. I have included some crystals that others have told me work for them.


  • Aquamarine: Protection from Pollutants in the environment
  • Diamond: Aids with allergy protection
  • Hematite: Eases the pain of congestion
  • Rose-Eye Jasper: Protects from environmental pollutants
  • Roscherite: Eases congestion and is supportive
  • Zircon: Helps prevent broken sleep due to blocked nasal and sinus passages

Keep the healing crystal with you at all times, you can rub the crystals around the sinus areas that are blocked this is especially true of Hematite it should help ease the pain almost immediately. Keep the crystals to help you sleep beside the bed or under your pillow.


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