Healing Crystals for Sleeping and Dreaming

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Lately I had been having trouble sleeping. You the feeling, mind can’t shut down, worrying about everything, tossing and turning, bad dreams and looking at the clock a million times.

I decided to try the usual suspects for helping me get to sleep like, Amethyst, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Howlite and Sodalite, well nothing seemed to be working, so I decided to let the crystals decide what I should use.

I meditated and kept getting vague feelings but nothing that I could put my finger on, I figured I was trying to hard to get an answer, we can do this and I believe that because we are trying to force a result, the answer becomes even more elusive. Anyway by bed time I still had not found a crystal to take with me to help me sleep. I was not looking forward to another sleepless night. I began checking the house to make sure that it was all locked up and windows closed etc. I put my hand in the pocket of my cardigan and there was a piece of Hematite that I had been cleaning on a Citrine Cluster, it must have been there for most of the day. I decided that I would take this with me and see if helped me sleep any better, as I was checking the room where my grandson had been playing that day I remembered that he had be playing with some Opal bookmarks, I did not remember putting them back, so had a look around and found them under the bed, I decided to leave the on the desk and put them away in the morning. As I was leaving the room, one of the crystals called to me to take it with me, it was the one shaped like a butterfly, the urge was so strong that I could not resist. So off I went to bed with the Hematite and Opal butterfly which I placed under my pillow.

I must have fallen asleep very quickly that night, because I do not recall tossing and turning or my mind going over and over the days events, like it normally would. I awoke in the morning feeling better than I had done in a couple of weeks. I had had the most wonderful dream, about summer and the birds, flowers and trees. Not the usual one that I had been having lately about been trapped alone.

I new that Hematite was a good healing crystal for grounding,but had not used it for sleep before and the healing powers of Opal crystals could be used for memory improvement, creativity, but could not remember why these two healing crystals would have helped me sleep(we can’t remember everything that each crystal is capable of as their uses are so varied). I looked up these crystals to see if I could pinpoint a reason for their success.

Opal healing crystals also promote happy dreams and allows for the release of inhibitions, I figured that this is what the Opal had brought to me. The Hematite which is sometimes called the Crystal for the mind, helps us sort things out, and brings calming to most situations, again these are the healing qualities that this crystal brought to me.

So you see that sometimes, if the traditional or most commonly used healing crystals are not working for you, there maybe others out there that will do the job. There are underlying reasons why a particular situation is occuring and most often we do not consciously know the reason for this. Go with your intuition when choosing healing crystals to treat the conditions, you will find that although the crystals that you choose may not be the “norm” that they will do the job quite effectively.

I have been keeping these two crystals under my pillow for about a week now and have been getting good sleep and lovely dreams, I am feeling that I will not need to keep doing this for much longer. Also I feel much better through the day, I find myself smiling at people as I pass them in the street and really looking forward to the day, have not felt this good in a few months.

I hope this helps you in choosing healing crystals next time you need them.

Love and Light

Colleen The Crystal Dragon.

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