Healing Crystals for Stuttering

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Someone asked about a boy that is stuttering due to being bullied at school. They wanted to know what crystals would be of benefit. Here are some suggestions that I felt would be useful.

I would recommend that you try Fluorite, Obsidian and Tourmaline, you could use either Blue or Purple varieties of Fluorite and Obsidian and perhaps multi coloured Tourmaline, Blue or Purple Tourmaline will be O.K. as well.

I have had some success using the above stones. But there maybe other crystals that need to be used to completely rid the person of the stuttering.

If this boy is being bullied then perhaps you could give him some Obsidian (I would not recommend Black as it maybe to powerful for him at the moment) any of the other Obsidians will offer protection from the bullies, and are a lot gentler energy.

The Fluorite and Tourmaline will also assist him with his self-confidence, something that I have found all stutters seem to be lacking in.

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