Heliodor Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Golden Yellow, Golden Green

Area: Africa, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA

Appearance: transparent to translucent

Structure type: Hexagonal Prisms

Hardness:7.5 – 8

Astrological Signs: Leo

A warning Heliodor gets is colour from slight traces of Uranium making it slightly radioactive. Although I can find no specific health warnings it is always best to take care.

Heliodor gets its name from the Greek meaning “Gift from the Sun” it is associated with the Solar Plexus ChakraHeliodor crystals are uplifting and energising, they also bring optimism into our lives. This crystal also activates the Crown Chakra. It allows us to handle delicate or sensitive issues with sympathy. The Solar Plexus is our power center and Heliodor helps us to balance this power in a constructive way. It also helps us to communicate on a higher level so as to improve our communication. Also aids with clarity and understanding.

Heliodor healing crystals bring us the energy and feelings that we get on a sunny day making us feel wonderful and happy. It builds character,aids with starting over afresh, brings strength and endurance particularly good for Business pursuits and sports or competitive activities. Aids us to understand others, confusion, also helps us with the important decisions that life brings us. Also the life changes that continually occurred are easier to cope with using Heliodor.

Compassion is also amplified and this crystal also helps with getting rid of old worn out ideas and habits. Aids with anxiety and worry. Heliodor is a refreshing, restoring and cleansing crystal. I recommend this crystal for anyone with depression or are just down in the dumps.

Heliodor aids in the healing of stressed out nervous systems, abdominal disorders, problems of the liver, spleen and pancreas.


Heliodor Healing Crystal Graphic