Hematite and Magnetic Hematite Crystals Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour:Grey/Black Red/Brown

Area: Brazil, Britain, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland

Appearance:Metallic lustre, usually polished stones.

Structure type:Trigonalc

Hardness:5.5 – 6.5

Astrological Signs: Aries and Aquarius

Hematite has been used in times past to protect warrior in times of war, it was taken into battle, to provide the wearer with protection from physical harm. It is said to be benifical in legal situations. Hematite is often called Black Diamond or Black Pearl, both are used in the making of jewellery. Increases intuition and spontenaity. Logical people always benefit from the use of Hematite.

It provides us with charm, optimism, desire and courage. A good crystal for the protection against negativity, is a good grounding stone. It gives support to the weak and provides self-esteem and enhanced willpower, as well as reliability, it gives the user confidence. Helps fight addictions and compulsions eg. overeating, smoking. Boosts the instint for survival, also concentration and memory. Hematite is a great study aid for those in the fields of technolgy and mathmatics.

Hematite has been used as a calming agent, also to balance the yin/yang energy and the meridians. Helps in the balancing of the mind, body, spirit. Transmutes negativity, aids in self-control, bringing happiness and peace. When used in meditation it will bring grounding and tranquility.

The physical uses for Hematite are as a blood healer, circulation Reynaud’ Disease, anemia, it aids in the regeneration of tissue, helps leg cramps fractues, insomnia and helps lower fever.


Hematite Healing Crystal Graphic


As well as all of the properties listed above Magnetic Hematite is a great stress and anxiety reliever, one of the best I have ever come across. It will draw off the pain associated with arthritis, rhuematism, fractures, headaches and toothaches very quickly. Magnetic Hematite can bring relief to just about any pain.

It is good to use in layouts, placed at the feet it will draw out the negative energy and send it to the earth for grounding and transmuting. (see this months layout for spinal alignement). I normally reach for Magnetic Hematite over the normal Hematite everytime.HOWEVER there are some things to be aware of when using Magnetic Hematite.


Do not use Magnetic Hematite if someone has a pacemaker as it will stop the pacemaker from working. Keep it away from all cards with magnetic strips as the information will be erased. Also some people recommend not using it on pregnant women, until we know if there are any side effects. Also the sellers suggest that you remove your watch when working with Magnetic Hematite. Magnetic Hematite has a very very strong magnetic field so it is wise to follow these cautions.


Magnetic Hematite Healing Crystal Graphic