How to Care for Your Healing Crystals

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Some general information in regards to using crystals. Small to medium tumbled crystals are more convenient for healing, when they are required to be placed on the body, they shouldn’t be to small, as they could easily get lost. Flatter crystals rather than oval or round ones sit more easily on some parts of the body, the forehead for instance.

It is useful to have at least tow crystals of each colour, this does not mean they have to be the same type of crystal, I find it better to have a variety of crystals as this allows you greater flexibility in your healing work. I would also recommend that you have at least 12 Clear Quartz Crystals as they can be substituted for any colour. You may also find that you will give these away to your clients from time to time. Sometimes people need something physical to take home with them and Quartz Crystals are ideal for this purpose, of course this does not stop you from giving them any other crystal if you intuition tells you to.

Larger crystals can be placed around the client when doing layouts, and can also be used for meditation, placing around the home and even outside in the garden.

It does not matter what size the crystal is it will work regardless of size, shape or colour

There is no rule on how many types of crystals to use at any one-time, but you will probably find that you will only work with a small number each time. Again you must let your intuition guide you here.

When choosing a crystal fora specific healing purpose like High Blood Pressure, look up the book and find the ones which are appropriate. You will find a number of them; just go with whatever you have or whatever your intuition tells you. Id does not have to be the most expensive or the cheapest, just the right one. (Do be careful when selecting or recommending a crystal for someone elese as some can have astronomical prices).