by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Black, Yellow,Reddish Brown

Area: Bolivia, China, England, Peru, Russia, U.S.A.

Appearance: Tabular, Crystals, Blades, Columns, Prismatic, and Grains

Structure type: Monoclinic

Hardness: 4-4.5

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra

I have been searching for this crystal(technically a mineral) for a long time, most crystal dealers have heard of it but not many of them seem to be able to tell me what it looked like or even find it. Well the universe must have decided that it was time for this crystal to come into my possession as I found it in the last place I expected at a little country gem show, just goes to show you should never be surprised by anything.

Anyway down to the Crystals Healing Proprieties Huebnerite/Hubnerite you will find it spelt both ways there is no difference in the crystals just someone’s interpretation of how it should be spelt.(You will find this with a number of Crystals).

Brings Vigor to our physical selves. Opens our perceptions, Activates and cleanses the Heart,Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Provides protection on the physical plane during meditation. Huebnerite is an excellent crystal to use when doing Reiki or Yoga. It can help us to clarify our life’s direction. Enhances creativity and adaptability. This crystal also helps us to let situations move on naturally and improve of their own accord. It also connects us to our bodies during meditation.

Aids us to harmonise and stab lise the energy flow between the Chakras. Helps us to co-ordinate our actions and our thoughts. Enhances memory, insight and concentration. Huebnerite Crystals help us gain information that can help provide us with solutions and resolutions to our questions and problems. Huebnerite can be of assistance Haemochromatosis(over abundance of iron in the blood)(needed it for my niece)Hypoglycemia(to do with reactions to blood glucose levels), Pituitary Gland, Immune System, Weak Eyesight, Alignment of the Vertebrae and the Thyroid Gland.


Huebnerite/Hubnerite Healing Crystal Graphic