Jealousy and Crystal Healing

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

A lot of us find Jealousy rearing it ugly head from time to time. Sometimes it is just a little niggle and other times it is the full blown green-eyed monster. Most of us are able to overcome these outbursts fairly quickly, but for the times that you may need a little help I have listed a few Crystals to help you over this period.


  • Chrysanthemum Stone: Brings Harmony into your life and surroundings
  • Peridot: Provides understanding and acceptance of the reasons for your jealousy
  • Sugilite: Give you a feeling of being free, also gives you confidence and raises your spirits helping to eliminate negative feelings

    Keep the healing crystal with you at all times,until you feel you no longer need it. . You can carry it on you, wear it as jewellery and keep it by your bed at night.
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