Lepidolite Crystals Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Grey, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow

Area: Brazil, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Nambia, U.S.A.

Appearance: Grainy masses,plate like layers and tubular crystals

Structure type: Monocline somtimes contains mica

Hardness: 2.5-3

Astrological Signs:Libra

Lepidolite healing crystal is associated with the Crown, Throat, Third Eye and Heart Chakras. This crystal allows you to stay calmly in your own space. Lepidolite is the crystal of transition, allowing us to cope with changes in our lives.

It promotes openness and honesty; it assists in astral travel, business ventures, communication, diplomacy and well being. Lepidolite crystal is especially good for birth and rebirthing, deep emotional healing and emotional stress. This healing crystal with its soft and gentle energy is also very uplifting. Helps with self-preservation and wellbeing.

Can be used for gridding and provides a calming influence when used in group settings such as a classroom or meeting rooms anywhere people may congregate. Lepidolite is also a useful crystal for gardening and agricultural pursuits. It dispels negativity can be of benefit for despondency and depression.

This crystal can be used to access the Akashic Records, achieve your goals, provides objectivity especially in the areas of decision making, promotes cosmic awareness, allows us to move easily from one life to the next, give us direction, alleviates obsessive thoughts and helps moderate mood swings while showing us the way to self-love.

It also boosts the intellect and our analytical abilities. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to sleep because your mind constantly thinks too much or you over think every little thing than this is the healing crystal for you.

Lepidolite Healing Crystal aids in the healing of digestion, tension and stress, helps smooth wrinkles, aids tendonitis, leg cramps, epilepsy helps with the reconstruction of RNA/DNA, is very useful for allergies, exhaustion nervous system also Alzheimer’s, sciatica, neuralgia and menopausal symptoms.


Lepidolite Healing Crystal Graphic