Moonstone Crystals Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Blue, Clear, Cream, Green, Greyish, Orange-Brown,White, Yellow.

Area: Australia, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka.

Appearance: Milky, translucent sometimes with dark areas or lines. Some exhibit a rainbow effect.

Structure: Monoclinic layers of rectangles.

Hardness: 6- 6.5

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

MOONSTONE HEALING CRYSTALS are the Crystals for New Beginnings. It helps us change the structures of our live on all levels. This crystal as the name suggests has a very strong connection to the Moon and benefits from being placed in Moonlight to re-energise. If you are practicing with the Law of Attraction then Moonstone healing crystals are wonderful tools to help you as it helps to bring about all your hopes and wishes, but be careful you will only get what you need when using Moonstone not what you think you want. Use this crystal if you are either trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant; it supports the whole birth process from beginning to end.

Moonstones powerful healing energies calm the emotions and removes negativity from all the Chakras. It enhances intuition and creativity also brings insight and perception.

Moonstone healing crystals will also bring to the surface consciousness issues that are deep within the unconscious allowing us to deal with them. Moonstone also brings good luck and helps to predict the future using certain rituals. Provides us with discernment and empathy it also promotes lucid dreaming.

Use Moonstone to ease the feelings of hopelessness and to release tension. It enhances psychic abilities especially clairvoyance, helps with self-expression. Moonstone is one of those crystals that bring about those serendipity moments.

Moonstone stimulates confidence and composure, calms overreactions and helps us to not let emotional triggers decide our actions. It is a good crystal fro teenagers as it helps with moodiness. The properties of Moonstone help to sustain us when our energy is depleted and helps us attune to the natural rhythms and cycles of the body.

Moonstone provides us with guidance allowing us to fulfill our destiny or path in life. If you know of someone suffering from the so-called “Macho Syndrome” (whether it is a male or female) then this crystal would make a wonderful present for that person helping them to release this attitude.

Use Moonstones Healing properties to aid deep emotional healing, very useful for a child who is hyperactive the calming effect is amazing.

This crystal helps to balance the Male/Female energies stabilizes the emotions. Enhances spiritual development and helps dissolve old patterns and habits, also aids in bringing about harmonious relationships. Also very good for those who are stressed out.

Moonstone has also been known as the Travelers Crystal protecting us from unknown dangers that could face us on our journey; it is a talisman for good fortune.

Ailments that will benefit from Moonstone Crystals healing properties are: Circulatory disorders, anaphylactic shock, insomnia, pulmonary consumption, Insomnia, malaria, yellow fever, water retention. Any thing to do with the female reproductive system, breast feeding, conditions affecting hair eyes and skin. Also use for the elimination of toxins and pain relief. Also good for menopause (which I am testing right now).

Cat's Eye Moonstone Healing Crystal Graphic

Clear Moonstone Healing Crystal Graphic

Mixed Moonstone Healing Crystal Graphic