Okenite Crystals Healing Informations

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: White

Area: India

Appearance: Looks like a cotton wool ball or a furry snowball

Structure type:Triclinic. Made up of tiny thin flexible crystals

Hardness:5 – 5.5

Astrological Signs: Sagitarius and Virgo.

Okenite has a very gentle and loving energy. It gives most people the impression of a small furry animal. It is another crystal that I like to let people who are sceptical about crystals and their effects to hold, most while holding the Okenite want to stroke or pat it, I discourage this as it can break the delicate crystal shafts, but just touching it gently is fine.

People will say that they can feel nothing at all most of the time. Ah! but when they put the Okenite down, thats when things begin to happen, the most sceptical will not say anything but you will usually notice that the keep touching or rubbing the area where the Okenite has been. Others will say that they feel like something is missing, that they did not notice while holding the Okenite that it had a purring feeling, very much like a sleeping contented kitten.

This is one of the many wonders of Okenkite. Okenite aids you to purify your chakras before you begin to channel, this allows for a clear path for any information that you may receive. Assists your efforts in connecting with your inner child and inner self.

Okenite is a great crystal to use when you wish to relax. It increases creativity and brings new thoughts and ideas. Okenite because of its soft enery is sometimes referred to as one of the new age stones.

Okenite is also benifical for clearing obstacles in your path and allowing you to finish you lifes work by providing you with more stamina. It will help your acceptance of incarnation. Okenite is the crystal of truth, it instills truthfullness in everyone. It also shields us from the harness of that truthfulness.

Lets us forgive ourselves for the errors of now and past lives. Helps us to let go of old patterns and habits. Helps overcome prudishness. Okenite assists us with deep karmic healing on all levels. Opens you to new experiences and aids with ….. an open mind.

Okenite has been used in the treatment of Blood flow, lacataction is great of nursing mothers, circulation of the upper body, lowering of fevers, nervous disorders and skin eruptions.


Okenite Healing Crystal Graphic