Pietersite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Brown, Black, Gold/Brown, Grey/Blue, Red/Blue

Area: Nambia.

Appearance: Motteled.

Structure type: Trigonal

Hardness: 6-7

Astrological Signs:Leo.

Pietersite is know as the Tempest Stone because of it’s said connection to the storm element. It is also said to be the holder to the keys to the kingdom of heaven.It can help us to recognise the beauty of the soul. Connects our spiritual with our consiousness.

Stimulates the Third Eye, gives us access to intuition of the spirital visions and precognitions that we receive. Pietersite is very helpful for attaining meditative states, provides us with loving guidance, opens us up to new experiences, aiding us with courage and tenacity.

Pietersite dispel the illusion of being seperate from the whole, it helps us to remove other peoples beliefs that we have taken on board as our own. Dissolves blockages and clears confusion. Provides us access to higher powers. Connects the spiritual to nature aiding in purifying the earth. Pietersite enables us to read the Akashic Records, it is also useful to use for vision quests and shamic journeys. It is also helpful for past life healing, raising personal power and creativity.

Pietersite helps in the healing of Lungs, Liver, Feet and Legs and can help balance the endocrine system also aids the pituitary gland, metabolism and blood pressure.




Pietersite Healing Crystal Graphic