Prehnite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Colourless, Green, Grey, White, Yellow,

Area: India South Africa

Appearance:Transparent to translucent white streaks vitreous to pearly luster

Structure:Orthorhombic, Nodules, Tabular, Pyramidal and clusters.

Hardness:6 – 6.5

Astrological Signs: Libra

Prehnite healing crystals , are said to be the Crystal of Unconditional love it is definitely one to use for relationships with others and also with ourselves. Aids in dreaming and dream recall enhances our field of protection and can be useful when meditating. Associated with the Heart Chakra, it increases our energy and helps us to understand the situations that we find ourselves in.

Prehnite healing crystals also strengthen our intuition and enhance our spiritual growth; it brings us serenity and releases stress. You can use the healing properties to find the real cause of an illness. Prehnite is a wonderful crystal to use for vision work and contacting other entities, but care should be taken when using it for this purpose, make sure you know what you are asking for and what you really want. It has also been used in the past for self-hypnosis, it has also been know as the Prediction Crystal and has been used by Shamans for centuries and it predictions have been said to be very accurate and precise.

Those who are interested in Feng Shui will find Prehnite a wonderful crystal to work with as it helps you become centered and grounded and also helps to un-clutter ones life and surroundings. This crystal can be used in grids of all kinds for any healing purpose.

Prehnite’s healing powers can help disorders of the Kidneys and Bladder ADD and ADHD in fact all kinds of hyperactivity will benefit. Gout, thymus gland anemia and other blood disorders.

 Prehnite Healing Crystal Graphic