Red Coral Crystals Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Red

Area: Africa, Australia, Italy, Mediterranean Sea, Japan, Philippines, The South Pacific, U.S.A.

Appearance: usually branch like and normally contains holes in unpolished pieces.

Structure type: Micro-crystalline.

Hardness:3.5 -4

Astrological Signs: Libra

The RED CORAL Healing Crystal is known as the “Women’s Crystal” and is considered to be “The Blood of Mother Earth” by Native Americans and is considered particularly precious by Tibetan women for menstruation and fertility.

The Healing crystal properties of Red Coral help us to be in harmony with the universes natural forces. Because of its Red colour it is a wonderful crystal to help open, activate and heal the Base/Root Chakra.

Coral is metaphysically a crystal of organic origin and is found only in the ocean and has to withstand storms and even the occasional tidal wave it is a great crystal to help with temper tantrums, anyone who rages on and on about things even anger and also it is helpful for those times in our lives when change can be tumultuous. It will also help us to reconnect with all of nature.

Ancients held the belief that Red Coral is what Mars was composed of. Ancient Romans used to put Coral and Flint healing crystals on the leases of their dogs to prevent rabies. Red Coral healing crystals are said to prevent ill fortune.

Coral represents life and blood energy forces. If you wish to attract love then Red Coral is the crystal for you as it is also known as the “Crystal of Passion”.

Use Red Coral as a protection against skin disease, to bring harmony to your heart. This healing crystal will help with depression compulsive disorders and despondency. It will bring you inner peace, calms the emotions provides energy and vitality. You will also receive the ability to understand the purpose of things, it provides you with creativity. This crystal is a good assistant for meditation and visualization.

It has been said that if someone dreams about coral it foretells of a recovery from a long illness. Red Coral’s healing properties can also be used to boost optimism. You can also use Red Coral for babies with stomach ache (do not use an elixir on a baby) just place the healing crystal near the child and it will work fine.

Ailments that will benefit from the healing properties of Red Coral Crystals are: Circulatory system, anything to do with the blood, general healing issues. The kidney, bladder and spleen will also benefit from the healing qualities of this crystal. Red Coral healing crystals will strengthen the bones and is amazing for mending broken bones. You can use this crystal for epilepsy, bone marrow conditions eye problems, stimulating the bloodstream, nutrition deficiencies. The female reproductive organs respond well to this crystal. Hiccups, colic, heartburn and the parathyroid benefit from Red Coral healing crystals. Use Red Coral’s crystal healing properties to stop wounds from bleeding and to reduce fever. The throat, thyroid, liver, metabolism, spine and reproductive systems will all benefit from the wonderful healing crystal.



 Red Coral Healing Crystal Graphic