Rhodochrosite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour:Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Tan and Brown

Area: Africa, Argentina, Russia, Uruguay, U.S.A.

Appearance: Banded thin swirling white stripes, usually tumbled stones

Structure type:Trigonal.


Astrological Signs: Leo & SCorpio.

Rhodochrosite, mixes awarness with the subconscious, it relieves emotional pain, wounds and trauma.Clears and balances the Base and Solar Plexus Chakras. Aids us in recongising on going patterns and the reasons behind them. Strengthens memory and intellect, assist us to become aware of our spirituality.

A good crystal to assist in the birthing process. Emotional awareness is increased using Rhodochrosite. Provides for a positive attitude, enhances self-love and compassion, helps us with our self-identity. It is one of the best stones to help in the recovery from Sexual Abuse.

Rhodochrosite makes you face the truth about yourself and others. If you find yourself shying away from the crystal, this could indicate, that there is something about yourself that you are unwilling to look at. Helps us to confront our fears and paranoia, and to release them. Improves self-worth and eases emotional stress.

Improves the dream state and creativity. Aids in the intergration of new information, which comes to us from a higher level. Assists us in expressing our feelings spontaniously. Lifts depression and allows the light to enter our lives. Rhodochrosite is the stone of Love and Balance. I can be used to meditate and also in the healing of the planet Earth.

One a physical level it will assist in the relief of Asthma, respiratory ailments, kindeys, eyesight, blood pressure, migrain relief and the thyroid, among other things.



Rhodochrosite Healing Crystal Graphic