Ruby Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Crimson Red, Orange/Red, Pink, Red

Area: Australia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand

Appearance: Prismatic crystals transparent when polished

Structure type: Rhombohedral, Trigonal

Hardness: 9

Astrological Signs:Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Ruby healing crystal stimulates the Heart Chakra, it is a loving and nurturing crystal, Ruby has been called the “Stone of Nobility” Can quickly bring anger and negativity to the surface.

Ruby will transmute anger and negativity. This healing crystal can heighten awareness, stimulate mental concentration, it also amplifies ones energy. It brings a positive attitude and courage’s mind.

Ruby healing crystals provide a shield of protection on all levels, it supports you during times of disputes and controversy providing you with the ability to stand strong. It is very useful in the area of protection from psychic attacks. Ruby is a great crystal for those who are prone to weakness and exhaustion, calms hyperactivity, it aids in letting go of the martyrdom attitude, it also discourages violence.

Ruby healing crystals divert unhappiness and bad dreams bringing clarity to our dreams helping us to understand the messages that they contain. Ruby is useful for improving concentration, goal setting, creativity, motivation and improving our leadership qualities. This healing crystal, also bring to you, spiritual wisdom, encourages gentleness, provides us with health knowledge and wealth and economic stability.

It also aids with enthusiasm and passion helps to bring about a loving relationship, it helps balance the heart and helps us find a blissful state of being. Ruby also brings a passion for life, vitality and vigor. It has been said to protect from lightening strike. Ruby has been used as a fertility crystal for centuries it helps to nurture the mother and baby during pregnancy, keeping both healthy. For those who are using fertility treatments,

Ruby can be held while the treatment is in progress and kept through out the pregnancy. Ruby healing crystals are truly amazing healers of the earth. They also assist in the treatment of fever, heart disorders, blood flows, detoxifying, and infectious disease. It also stimulates the kidneys, spleen, adrenals and reproductive organs



Ruby Healing Crystal Graphic