Sagittarius Crystal Healing Layout

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon


Because we already posses the qualities, positive and negative of the Star Sign that we were born under, you would not usually pick one of the Healing Crystals listed under you own Star Sign.

Normally we want to bring the positive attributes that we do not get from our own astrological Star Sign and also ones that will counteract the less attractive attributes associated with our own sign. We would pick Healing Crystals from the Astrological Sign that has the qualities that we desire to incorporate into our lives.

Sagittarius governs the Hips Thighs and Sacral Area. Sagittarius people maybe prone to some of the following health concerns:

Accidents with Animals, Accidents with Fire and Heat, Ailments of the Hips and Thighs, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Poor Hair, Nails.

As a Sagittarian, some of the negative qualities that you may have could be;


So you would look up other star signs and find the ones that have the positive aspects of these qualities and you would then select a crystal with the healing properties from that sign to help you improve on these negative ones that you possess. For example

Aquarians are people who very tolerant so you could try a Tourmaline Crystal’s Healing Properties for those who are judgemental.

Capricorns are very focused people Healing powers of the Sapphire Healing Crystal would be of benefit for flightyness.

Taurians are very paitent people so Emerald’s Crystal Healing Propeties will be of use to Sagittarians for impatience

This does not mean that you can not use a crystal from your own Star Sign, you may wish to enhance you positive qualities. A lot of people are also drawn to a particular crystal from their Star Sign. So if you wish to enhance your positive qualities use crystals from your Star Sign, for example some of your positive traits are;

Far Sighted
Honesty: One crystal I can recommend for this attribute is Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystal.

FRIENDSHIP: One of the best to use would be Tourmaline Crystal’s Healing Powers to enhance this area..

I have listed some positive and negative qualities associated with this Star Sign. Astrology is not my field of expertise, but Crystals are. The Crystals you will find under each Star Sign are as accurate as I am able to provide. I have done extensive research and used references from a lot of other experts in this field (see references at back of book). They should assist you in bring those attributes that you wish to incorporate into your life.

Remember when working with Crystals and Star Signs you need to do all the usual things you would do if using them for healing Ailments and Emotions.

Choose with care and intent for the proposed use
Cleanse to remove any lingering negative energy
Program them for the required purpose, make the intent clear.

A good thing to remember when working with Crystals or any form of energy healing, the results that we get may not be what we are expecting. Trust the Crystals to provide you with what you really need. Again keep in mind that you cannot use the Crystals for harm (e.g. cannot be used to bring negative attributes to yourself or others).

Remember that the lists in this book regarding both Star Signs and Crystals are a guide only. Not everyone has the negative qualities or the positive qualities as stated they are just a general guide for you to use.

You can also look up Crystal Vibrations Ailments and Crystal Vibrations Emotions if you feel that you need another Crystal to compliment the ones from the Astrological Star Signs lists.

The Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras are associated with Sagittarius. I would advise that if you are unsure where to place the healing crystals that you place the healing crystals in the positions shown on the diagram below.

Get the person who is receiving the Crystal Healing Layout to lay on a mat on the floor. There is no need for them to get undress, although if they have a coat or jacket they may like to remove it for comfort. Also if they are wearing a belt, again they may like to loosen it as well. Ensure that they are comfortable.

Gently place the Healing Crystals on the client as shown in the diagram.

I like to leave the Healing Crystals on the client for at least 10 minutes but no longer the 20 minutes.

Remove the crystals and offer your client a glass of water.