Sulphur Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Green, Bright Yellow, Yellow/Brown, Red Yellow/GreyArea: Greece, Italy, Mexico, USA,

Appearance: Transparent to translucent, greasy luster,tabular crystals on matrix.

Structure type: Orthohombic

Hardness: 1.5-2.5

Astrological Signs:Leo

Sulphur is a negatively electrified healing crystal; it absorbs all types of negativity and helps us to progress. This healing crystal is very soft and should not be placed in water, Sulphur brings understanding, happiness, creativity, this healing crystal helps to advance our psychic abilities, and blocks distracting thoughts allow us to use our reasoning without interference.

It also aids imagination, instills confidence, and brings inspiration. Sulphur Healing Crystal grounds our thoughts in the now moment, it has a rejuvenating effect especially for those involved in mainly mental work (i.e. Accountants). It also stimulates mental clarity, focus and analysis. Other benefits of Sulphur are that it increases intuition and aids with discipline and willfulness.

This healing crystal also strengthens our willpower, charisma and vitality. It can be used in gardens as a natural pest and bug repellant. Sulphur healing has been used for the treatment of exhaustion, infection, fever to reduce swelling and tissue growths.

Also the crystals healing qualities aid with joint pain and the swelling of arthritis assist in the treatment of cysts and hemorrhoids, Sulphur also aids the sinuses, depression, insomnia and liver. Has been used in the treatment of syphilis.




Sulphur Healing Crystal Graphic