Tektite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Black, BrownArea: Australia, Tibet, United States, has been found worlwide

Appearance: Usually rounded with craterlike marking. glassy.

Structure type: Amorphous

Hardness: 5.5

Astrological Signs:Aries, Cancer.

Tektite is a meteor, this healing crystal has very powerful energy, it is wonderful for helping us to accumulation knowledge and insight.

This healing crystal aids us with insight,strenghtens the energy field. Tektite encourages dreaming helping us understand what is happening in our lives.

Tektite is a wonderful crystal to use when communicating with other worlds, it helps us with our spiritual growth, assists with gaining higher knowledge and helps us let go of experiences that are undesirable. This healing crystal is also useful for telepahty , Clairvoyance and has been used in Psychic Surgery.

Tektite strengthens the Aura and balances the yin/yang energy. It helps us remember what we have learned. It balances and activates the Chakra system, aids in comprehension. Tektite also helps is the healing of the nervous system, fever, capillaries and the circulation.




Tektite Healing Crystal Graphic