Tiger Eye Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Ranges from Blue, Brown, Gold-Brown, Red.

Area: Australia, India, Mexico, South Africa, U.S.A.

Appearance: Shiney with stripes of lighter shades of colour.

Structure type: Trigonal

Hardness: 7

Astrological Signs: Capricorn.

Tiger Eye increase self development, strengthens self confidence, it is a wonderful balancing stone. Tiger Eye is very useful for those starting out on the path of spiritual growth.

It Aids in the attunement of the Third Eye. Helps us to release fear and stimulates calmness an peacefulness, provides clarity, optimism, insight, perception and tolerance. Tiger Eye helps overcome addictive personalities, balances the emotional body, alleviates depression and lifts the moods.

Tiger eye provides us with an appreciation for the environment, grounds us in the physical, eases unwelcome emotions and balances mental and physical needs. Tiger Eye can be used to strengthen our psychic abilities to balance the Chakras below the Solar Plexus, provides protection, and helps us to not abuse our power, allowing for its correct use.

You will also find Tiger Eye useful for that spaced-out feeling, dilemmas, willfulness. It is very useful for providing us with a positive attitude, self esteem, self worth and creativity. It can also stimulate wealth.

Tiger Eye will assist in the areas of mental disease and personality disorders, self criticism and pride. Tiger Eye can help assist in the healing of Eyes night vision, throat, endocrine system, liver, gall bladder, throat, broken bones and the reproductive organs.




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