Tree Agate Healing Crystal Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour:White with light and dark green markings

Area: Czech Republic, Iceland, India, Morocco United States

Appearance:Opaque patterned white with green spots and patches

Structure type: Micro-Crystalline Rocklike


Astrological Signs: Gemini.

Tree Agate Healing Crystals and Dendritic Agate Healing Crystals are both very similar and some say that Tree Agate and Dendritic Agate are the same crystal. While both have very similar properties I have always felt that they are two entirely different crystals. Also I have noticed that Tree Agate exhibits some of the properties of Moss Agate Healing Crystals. You can make up your own mind on this as you should. I will provide you with the information and knowledge that I have gained.

You can use Tree Agate crystals are known as the Crystals of Plentitude. And as such are most useful for use in areas of Agriculture to bring about strong and plentiful crops also to help protect them from pests and other environmental damage. You would also use Tree Agate Crystals to help improve the health and look of indoor plants and all plants that are grown in pots. A Tree Agate Healing Crystal will bring abundance into all areas of your life, including business activities, work and relationships as this healing crystal is associated with the Heart Chakra.

The power of the Tree Agate Healing Crystal is very strong and powerful but you must be patient as this healing crystal is not a fast worker and prefers to take its time to do the work required. You can also use this crystal to help to center yourself and others. It is a wonderful crystal for introspection, helps to fight stress, and provides relief from tension by helping you to relax easily and quickly.

Tree Agate healing crystals will also provide you with insight into problems this allows you to see just what the problem is and what’s causing it allowing you to correct the problem faster and easier. You will find that your environment will become far more peaceful when you have a Tree Agate healing crystal in your presence.

Tree Agate has been used as a talisman in some parts of India as far back as the 17th century. You will find that this healing crystal will help to remove egotism and arrogance from people and situations. You should use a Tree Agate healing crystal for all relationship problems that involve children. It provides us with a full awareness of our lives. It strengthens and widens our view of the world and aids us on our journey of self-discovery.

This healing crystal brings us good luck and wealth and removes negative feelings. It is a wonderful crystal to use for meditation especially when trying to communicate with the plant world as it provides us with a deeper connection to the earth.

Ailments that can benefit from using Tree Agate Healing Crystals are anything in the body with branches like the nervous system and the blood vessels. It can be used to treat flu and fever, neuralgia also to boost the immune system; help to relieve pain (placed on the painful area) strengthen the skeletal system. Tree Agate healing crystals also provide use with physical strength and are also a stimulant. And has been used to balance the water in the body.



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