Unakite Crystals Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Green and Pink

Area: South Africa U.S.A

Appearance: Mottled small polished crystals

Structure type: Aggregate rock like made up of Quartz, Feldspar and Epidote.

Hardness:6 – 7

Astrological Signs: Scorpio

Unakite healing crystals are associated with the Heart Chakra and help things associated with the heart. It is the crystal of Vision and is grounding making it a good crystal to use when meditation or doing psychic work. Unakite helps to release blockages that are preventing us from achieving our goals and growth both spiritually and emotionally. This crystal has a powerful yet gentle energy and can be used to help us find our animal guides. Unakite healing crystals help to balance our emotions with our spirituallity. Aids us in discovering what the underlying causes of disease or illness are and how to go about resolving these issues.

If you are a gardener the you will find Unakite to very helpful and as it negates electromagnetic pollution from such things as televisions it is very useful around the home. Unakite has also been used for protection over the years. If you wish to enhance your visualisation or psychic skills then Unakite is one of the crystals you should look too, it is also very helpful in scrying work as well.

It has been used to bring about unconditional love of the human race providing connection and reunion. If you are considering going through the re-birthing process then I would recommend that you have a Unakite healing crystal with you as it aids in past life healing and will bring to the surface problems so that they can be resolved.

Unakite can also assist those who have either been abondoned or have feelings of abondoment. Also a handy crystal for people who are going through separtion issues, like a child moving out of home for the first time, or moving away from family and friends.

Ailments Unakite Healing Crystals can help with: Gaining weight, very good for those recovering from major illnesses and those going though convalescents, treats the reproductive systems of both males and females. Helps you to have a healthy pregnancy, aids in the growing of skin tissue and hair.


Unakite Healing Crystal Graphic