What is Crystal Healing?

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

How does Healing Crystals work? Well there are a number of theories on this, some say that the crystal allows the person to focus their thoughts to stimulate the healing process, others that the crystals vibrations resonate with the area that needs healing and brings it into balance, thus eliminating the problem be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Different healing crystals vibrate at different frequencies and therefore work on different areas of the mind, body and spirit. For example one would use a Rose Quartz for emotional matters of the heart, Amethyst for a headache, Fluorite for concentration and Magnesite for accessing past lives, of course these healing crystals have many other uses and there are also other crystals that will help the above mentioned conditions, depending on the person, some crystals will help them more than others, as everyone’s conditions are not exactly the same and do not have exactly the same cause.

Crystal healing is a way for you to assist yourself and others to access our inner ability to heal on all levels Helping us to make ourselves whole ,healthy, harmonized and in tune with the universe.

With this course my aim is to teach you how to use crystals as helpers , firstly we need to work on healing ourselves and then we will be able to provide help to others. in the work of making ourselves whole and  then as channels to help others.  Working with crystals is a method of helping us to access spiritual and vibrational energies. Also putting us in contact with various spiritual guides other  healing resources. Crystals can also enhance our abilities to work with other modalities such as colours, spiritual energies, sound healing, Reiki and herbs.

Crystal work is also beneficial for enhancing and developing a  spiritual source for healing energy.

When you are healing others, facilitating a healing remember that you have no power other than that ability to connect with and transmit the energy of the crystal to the person receiving the healing. It is up to the individual to activate the healing within themselves.

A note here: Some people will come to you for healing, but do not want to get better. Do not take on the burden of healing them. When this happens to me, I just send them the crystal energy and let it go.

Healing is not a one-way street, when channeling energy some healing will take place within yourself, think of a hose that carries water to the garden, some of the water covers the inside of the hose, the healing energy does a similar thing to us.  Remember the most important thing anyone needs to do in order to be healed is want to be healed.

When we think of wellness we should not just think of it as physical health but also spiritual, emotional, mental wellness too. Hence the term Wholistic Healing over the years the W has been dropped and is now Holistic Healing.

Everyone is able to benefit from crystal healing, meditation and other  healing modalities, healing is not just for the physical body.

You should explore the reasons for the disharmony, keeping in mind that it is important that you be kind not only to yourself but to others as well. You cannot force another person to heal or to change. You can help them by providing the means to instigate their own healing and spiritual journey.