Wulfenite Crystal Healing Information

by Colleen The Crystal Dragon

Colour: Brown, Colourless, Gold, Orange-Yellow, White, Yellow-Grey.

Area: China, Mexico, U.S.A

Appearance: Octahedral crystals, also square and tubular can be small crystals or blade on matrix.

Structure: Tetragonal

Hardness: 3

Astrological Signs: Sagittarius

Wulfenite Healing Crystals ,are associated with the lower chakras the Solar Plexus Chakra in particular. It is a wonderful grounding crystal and helps us to keep a positive outlook in life especially when dealing with situations that have a lot of negativity surrounding them. Wulfenite helps us to connect to our higher selves and with the acceptance of negativity. It helps us to bring harmony to our emotions and allows us to more easily get in touch with them.

Wulfenite aids in communication with the spiritual world and has long been used in ritual work and journeying such as astral travel. You would use this crystal for those people that have become ungrounded due to only looking at the positive aspects of every situation, it helps them to realise that you need both positive and negative to have balance in life.

Aids in areas of psychic intuition and contact with ancient civilizations. Wulfenite’s properties also allow us to recall our lost knowledge of white magic and also show us how to apply it in today’s world. It will clear emotional blocks and help to get the blocked energy moving again. Aids with passion, appetite issues also warms us and clears muddiness from our lives and allows us to accept the physical self and all the imperfections whether real or imagined. Wulfenite crystals provide us with a free flowing creativity with energies and revitalize our minds body and soul.

Wulfenite healing crystals do not have a lot of ailments that they treat specifically they are very good at overall healing and rejuvenating, but they have been used to treat women’s reproductive systems and I would recommend this crystal for any conditions that involve cold as this crystal is sensitive to heat.

Wulfenite Healing Crystal Graphic

Wulfenite Healing Crystal Graphic